Pen and Purpose Got a Makeover! Here’s Why.

Hey y’all! I’m so glad you’re here. Thanks for coming to check out my new look. I’m so excited about the work Kindly by Kelsea and I (cough – really just her) have been doing to reinvent Pen & Purpose. I started out thinking, “Sure, I guess my logo could use an update,” but this process has been so much more than that. It’s led me to consider who I want to be professionally, what I want my company to mean, and how I want to show up for my clients.

My daughter was born five years ago, and I started Pen & Purpose in search of more flexibility than corporate America is willing to give. Copywriting was a natural fit because I love to write and knew there was a need. As a marketer, I always needed more content than I had time to write. Sound familiar?

I didn’t have a strong brand identity because I didn’t feel strongly about my brand. I took jobs through referrals, did zero marketing, and worked on whatever client would cut a check.

I got some great experience, worked with wonderful people, a few of whom have become mentors and friends, and paid the bills. But something was missing. I was stressed, always behind, and felt isolated.

I was craving more human connection and a sense of community. I wanted more from my job, but didn’t know how to get it.

I met Kelsea…

Kelsea and I met through Entrepreneurial Women of Houston, a local networking group of women business owners. This is a small group, which feels so much more about building relationships than generating business (although it does that too), and I love being a part of it. Kelsea and I instantly clicked, and it struck me throughout this branding process how passionate she is about her craft and how much she deeply cares for her clients. This is true of the other women in this group, ranging from photographers to lawyers. I wanted the same passion I saw in them for my craft and to build relationships with clients that felt less transactional and more personal.

I made a commitment…

If I wanted to change what I got out of my business, I knew I needed to change what I put into it. I would have to show up and put myself out there in ways I hadn’t before. That meant vulnerability and possible (public) failure. It’s scary, which is why I wasn’t doing it. Hiding behind my computer and my clients’ content was a comfortable place to be, but it wasn’t fulfilling.

This rebrand represents a new commitment: To serve my community with content like I ask my clients to serve theirs.

A commitment that means I have to be better at managing my time, prioritize tasks I can’t bill for, and most importantly, be proud of who I am and what I offer.

The bright colors in my brand embody this commitment. If I’m committed to helping my clients use words to stand out, my brand should stand out too, right?

What happens next…

You’re going to see more of me. I’m going to share more of my work and my life with you. I have amazing clients. I’d like you to see how they’re using words to engage and win customers. Whether or not we work together, I want to contribute to helping you do what you do a little better, like so many others have done for me.

A little gift for you…

I am looking forward to serving you, and I’d like to start by buying you a cup of coffee (it fixes everything). Sign up to be a P&P Insider (in the footer), and tag two friends on Instagram or Facebook in the comments section of the latest post, who you think might enjoy following my feed, and I’ll send you a $5 Starbucks gift card (I know. It may not even cover your fancy-pants drink, but it will give you a reason to go get another cup)!

If you’re conflicted because the thought of receiving another email gives you heart-attack-like symptoms, but you really want the coffee, let me tell you exactly what you will get. I plan on sending one email per month (that’s one more than I’ve sent to my contacts in the past five years, so big commitment for me) with free copywriting and messaging tips. I will not up that frequency without permission, and I will never share your email address. Thank you for visiting, and don’t be a stranger!

BTW, my fancy-pants latte costs $5.17. Heaven help me!



  1. Sarah Mayfield July 23, 2019 at 5:54 pm - Reply

    Love the new brand Emily! Can’t wait to hear more from you!

  2. Diane Mayfield July 24, 2019 at 12:28 am - Reply

    This is fabulous! I want to hire you! You are so talented. You way with words delights my soul!

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