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Hi! I’m Emily.

I help companies win clients with words and build relationships with content.

I’m a copywriter, messaging and content strategist for business owners like you. Your relationships with your buyers start online. They’re looking at you to convince them you’re what they need before you meet. For that, you need exactly the right words. That’s where I come in.

The internet makes it so easy to reach customers, but getting and keeping their attention, that’s another story. Your messages need to clearly communicate your value in just a few sentences. To generate leads and build relationships, you need to deliver fresh, valuable content, which confirms those messages, all the time. And you’re a little busy serving your customers. Am I right?

As a small business owner, I understand and live the struggle of not enough hours to do everything well.

I take care of writing your content, so you can take care of your business.

Ten years as a corporate marketer and two years of agency life working on clients, such as PeopleFluent, Siemens, Unify, and IBM, sure was fun, but I dreamed of owning my own business and in 2014, I took the plunge. Pen and Purpose was born six months after my first child. I navigated business ownership and motherhood with joy, pain, sweat, tears, and everything in between. A few more wrinkles and a second child later, I’ve helped 150+ companies tell their stories and am so excited for the opportunity to work with you!

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