Why Blogging Is Critical To Content Marketing

Blogging is critical to content marketing! A bold statement considering you have access to multiple social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest, reaching millions of users already in the habit of consuming content on them every day. So why then, in 2020, do businesses really need to blog?  For three reasons: relationships, search engine optimization (SEO), and list-building. I’ll dig into each of those reasons in a moment, but first, let’s look and how blogging has changed over the years, and why that’s important.  The Evolution of Blogging I got this graph from Arrigo Lupori’s post [...]

How To Repurpose Your Content and Use It ‘Til It Tatters

I’m not a once-and-done outfit girl. When I buy a new piece of clothing, I.wear.it.out. I’m picky about what I buy because I know it’ll be in the rotation until it tatters. I get multiple wears out “that same white button-down” (yep, it’s the one in the picture. I bought it in '07) by varying how and where I wear it. If you’re a would-be fashionista with limited time and money like me, you probably know this drill well.  As small business owners, we’ve got some time and money barriers to posting brand new content all.the.time. Right? You need to [...]

What Movie Lines Teach Us About Messaging

“I’ll have what she’s having.” “You can’t handle the truth.”  “Here’s looking at you, kid.” “May the force be with you.” “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.”   I bet when you hear those lines, you immediately know the movie -- unless you’re too young, in which case you probably have a whole arsenal of great movie lines I’ve never heard. Movie lines with punch become instantly recognizable and oh so quotable.   There’s nothing like dropping in a good movie line at the perfect time in a conversation to get your audience to perk up in recognition, right? A memorable, [...]

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