Why Blogging Is Critical To Content Marketing

Blogging is critical to content marketing! A bold statement considering you have access to multiple social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest, reaching millions of users already in the habit of consuming content on them every day. So why then, in 2020, do businesses really need to blog?  For three reasons: relationships, search engine optimization (SEO), and list-building. I’ll dig into each of those reasons in a moment, but first, let’s look and how blogging has changed over the years, and why that’s important.  The Evolution of Blogging I got this graph from Arrigo Lupori’s post [...]

How to Nail Your About Page

It’s the second most viewed page on your website. You need to nail it, and you will, using two rules! Rule #1: It’s not about you.  Buyers don’t read your About page because they want to know about you. They want to know how you relate to them.  Rule #2: Connect emotionally. Emotion is the most influential driver in a purchase decision, and emotionally-connected customers are more valuable to your overall business.  You create an emotional connection by defining how your brand can fulfill their subconscious, emotional needs.  Ready to write your About page? Do the following:    Know your [...]

5 Tenets of Successful Business Storytelling

Why is easier to recall how Jack and Rose met than when and where the Titanic sank? You, and about 500 million other moviegoers, know their story. Stories are memorable because they help us connect. The same principles apply to business storytelling. Companies tell stories to tap into the emotions of their buyers and help them feel a personal connection to the brand. When developing brand stories, consider these five elements: 1. The Meaning. Meaning taps into a deeper emotion than an external desire. It’s what tells consumers “this is for me” or “this feels right.” (See: The Hero and [...]

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